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The Pleasant Sounds Bounce Off the Wall

We Have the Facts...

3/1/06 10:50 pm - meaninglessmove - Death of my Cutie

My boyfriend wrote this while we were on a hiatus...I guess it's a bit morbid...but I thought it was really creative.

"Death of my Cutie"
For what reasons must I care,
This forbidden love that we share,
But I question your stability,
As if I sang a song for Ms. Huckaby,
I see there is no joy in mudville,
But all is full of love, will prevail,
We looked like giants with nothing to fear,
But all things change in the new year,
Still I can see your bruise my dear,
And I ask, "why you'd want to live here?
This photobooth was way too small,
Even to recive company calls."
This had no movie script ending,
With you dead I hear the sound of settling,
This tiny vessel no longer has a passenger seat,
With a lack of color you death will be neat,
Your dead face gives a fake frown,
I make a photo album of your dead body on the ground.
-Jordan Villasenor

tell me what you think...x-posted...

8/7/05 09:09 pm - worstofweather

i came across a picture of an amazing tattoo of the cover of transatlanticism. can you help me find it again?

8/7/05 09:09 pm - worstofweather

i came across a picture of an amazing tattoo of the cover of transatlanticism

6/7/05 07:22 pm - juicy_juice48 - Wow


September 23-25
3 days
8 stages
130 bands:

Death Cab is playing with...get this: Franz Ferdinand, Spoon, Oasis, Coldplay, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Wilco, Keane, Jet, Sleater-Kinny, Kasabian, The Bravery, The Decemberists, The Walkmen, Jason Mraz, The Futureheads, Ambulance Ltd, etc etc etc... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

stupid Austin. all the big cities get EVERYTHING.

4/7/05 11:02 am - flamingcarrots

Apparently, Deathcab for Cutie is playing on The OC tonight.

3/28/05 11:42 am - redbullddr

Does anyone know anywhere around mid michigan to buy DCFC Cds I cant find anywhere except for trancatlanticism.

3/7/05 09:07 pm - starien

Hey just joined. Ah I'm a long time fan... I've seem them in concert and wanted to meet some fans.

2/26/05 11:21 am - worstofweather

does anyone have rare or just death cab b-sides?
if so im me: thespectrumatoz

2/19/05 10:45 pm - sheeprocksox

hey well courtney told me about this and i loooove deathcab so i am joining
you all dont know me becuas ei dont go to brighton (or was this made by a friend who went to her grade school?) anyhow it doesnt matter


2/12/05 10:00 am - juicy_juice48

"Death Cab For Cutie is taking a break for some much
needed rest and then to record the next record.
Thanks to everyone who came out over the last 14
months of touring."

WHAT? well I guess it's good for them, but not for me. Poo on a cracker.
So, with Death Cab out, Keane huge, Fraz out, The Shins overseas, and FACTION over and done with :(, who am I gonna see now?!?!?!?!
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